"To be proud of the form you live within,
see it honestly natural."


Hello! Welcome!
My name is Brea Graber. I am a soon to be duel degree graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder come May 2017.
I am an artist of many realms such as movement, photography and graphic design.
As I evolve, I find myself centrally focused around the human body, our connection to one another and the possibility to facilitate communication within our community.

Artwork Statement
The human body is diverse within oneself as well as from one to the next. Yet, the pieces to the puzzle are essentially the same.
Stripping away the disguises of clothing, products and expectation, the body is beautifully present.
I question why our society is so uncomfortable with the natural form, nudity and dismissing masks.
Specifically when the viewer can look down at their own form and see similarities, why does it feel wrong?
This body of work explores the nude form of the human body among natures natural environment.
The subjects discover diversity within their own body and strive for ownership of their bodies natural comfort.


Email: Brgr6153 at Colorado dot edu
Facebook: Brea Graber
Instagram: breagraber